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Formula for a Successful Event

Since 1990, we have served our Central California Cuisine to the Southern California community. We use a 100-year-old dry rub recipe and choice cuts of tender tri-tip sirloin, succulent chicken and mouth-watering beef ribs, plus all the fixin's. Your meat is grilled to perfection over red oak wood, which is indigenous to the Santa Maria region and is part of the "secret formula" for our authentic Santa Maria experience!

One taste and you'll be convinced, "not all woods are created equal!"

We pride ourselves on an abundance of great food and great service! All prices per person, served all-you-can-eat!

For further information regarding Santa Maria Barbecue & Grill and how we can make your next event a success, please call (909) 606-1079 or send email to santamariagrill@gmail.com

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